Targeted Individuals

They are not victims of 9/11 or the Olympic bombings in Atlanta or the insanity of Timothy McVey.
But there are over one hundred thousand American citizens who are whistle blowers and  are
victims of their own government that has systematically denied them all of their  constitutional
rights, including the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  They have absolutely no  
control over their lives. The American dream is a nightmare perpetuated by US agencies that  were
created and charged with the sole responsibility of protecting American citizens from  international
terrorism. That goal is severely compromised as millions of dollars and  thousands of man  hours
are being utilized to force law-abiding American citizens to endure domestic terrorism that is far   
more devastating than anything that  international enemies can conceive for them, as many TIs, as
they are known among themselves, would welcome death as a respite from the misery of their lives.
Many have committed suicide, and that is the goal of the agencies involved in the targeting of  
American citizens. The agencies gain assistance from the TI's neighbors, friends, and even family  
and co-workers. This is accomplished with massive campaigns of lies, slander, and  defamation of
character of the targeted individual. And, of course, money, exotic vacations and new  cars also
provide motivation to betray a friend.  But, there is a bright side for them, the victims; one former    
stalker reveals that there is so much paranoia among these "sickos" that the "watchers"  very often
become "the watched" and the targeted ,as the "sickos" will do anything to prevent  exposure.     
David Lawson, who wrote Terrorist Stalking In America, after operating undercover with several  
stalking organizations, writes that one in one hundred American citizens is now a "Targeted  
Individual." Anyone, anywhere in America could be next who reports any form of misconduct by
governmental agencies or large corporations. Privacy becomes a thing of the past. Mail is read ,
telephones are tapped, and surveillance is constant. Those who complain about these indignities are
labeled "crazy" and paranoid. Government agencies refuse to respond to their cries for help and the
media simply ignores them.

They are whistle blowers who reported government waste, corruption, police misconduct, child
molestation, and other crimes committed against humanity; but you know, we thought that was an
American right protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution. They are selected across  
gender, religious, ethnic,  occupational, racial and sexual orientation boundaries. They have
observed, however, that they share a commonality of intelligence, education,WERE financially
secure, and  have the ability to think  for themselves. They are whistle blowers targeted by
corporations; activists targeted by opposing groups; defendants targeted by plaintiffs; plaintiffs  
targeted by defendants; children targeted by pedophiles; homosexuals targeted by religious groups;  
political dissidents targeted by governments. More agents are currently being recruited to "protect"
them when the reality is that members of the "Occupy Wall Street Movement" will join the ranks of
the "Targeted."

It must be terribly threatening to the"Good Ole boys" who have proven that they are cowards as
they attack the elderly, the disabled, and the young. Badges and guns give them NO courage or
confidence as they continue to operate in  secrecy with bribes( your tax dollars), trips,cars,
intimidation, threats, and coercion. How dare Homeland Security spend our tax dollars to send five
Homeland Security agents to my home to harass me!

George Santayana wrote"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." The US
has learned little from the Holocausts of the past. From the mania of Adolph Hitler to the
extremism of the KKK in Philadelphia, Mississippi in 1964; there are those who continue to operate
with an ideology that is Anti-semantic, racist, homophobic, and oppressive. It is easy to compare
this "secret army" with Hitler and the KKK. The tactics have changed slightly. Hitler murdered
four million Jews as enemies were swept of off the street and into concentration camps. The KKK
murdered unknown hundreds of blacks, none as visible as the three civil rights workers in
Philadelphia, Mississippi. Both groups searched for objects of blame and hate. And the plan for the
"enemies of the state" today includes utilizing stalking harassment, intimidation, defamation of
character, and financial destruction often leading to the death of the victims  at their own hands .
Adolph Hitler wrote,"what luck for leaders that men do not think."

Nothing has changed at all in the psychological profiles of these perpetrators. Hitler was a man
born into two generations of illegitimacy. His early life was littered with personal distresses,
humiliation, and disappointments. He failed in every personal challenge he met, and shared an
incestuous relationship with his own niece. The KKK is known for a membership that includes the
semi-illiterate and those who have experienced very little success in their personal lives. The only
educated member aligned with the Philadelphia Eighteen was a Neo-Nazi who was infatuated  
sexually with young boys. Both groups were motivated by hatred, secrecy, and a desire to maintain
the "status quo."  These two organizations succeeded with propaganda and lies accepted my men
who "do not think." The legacy of hate that the leaders and their minions perpetuated will  never
be forgotten. These sickos embody all of the characteristics of Hitler and the KKK. They perpetuate
extreme racism as blacks are disproportionately targeted.

Almost a century later, little has changed. The agents of hate continue their hatred of Jews,
minorities, homosexuals, and anyone who threatens the status-quo. Many are still semi-illiterate,
inarticulate, less than successful operatives who are willing to exacerbate a reign of terror on
anyone who threatens the "status quo." Like Hitler and the KKK they are right-wing extremist who
operate with lies, propaganda,and a smoke screen of patriotism that allows them to manipulate the
mindless for their deranged and brutal activities  driven by hatred. One TI describes the perpetrators
and their minions as socially,  psychologically bankrupt  sociopaths without conscience, love or
compassion.  Harassment is also accompanied by efforts to cause ti's physical harm, even cancer,
with the help of government weapons designed for our terrorist enemies.

Fortunately, most TIs can identify the origin of their targeting. My troubles began at the hands of
corrupt police, politicians, and several right-wing attorneys aligned with a very powerful, long
serving  former  North Carolina senator . These attorneys are known to have a penchant for young
boys. My troubles began when I challenged a police chief accused of pedophilia and a police
department mired in complaints of police brutality.

At sixty-two years of age I was falsely arrested with my hands cuffed behind my back and ordered
"Slide your fanny over" into the rear seat of a police car. I blew .00 TWICE on the Breathalyzer
and the officer still ordered the arrest. The DA who dismissed the charges against me, resigned and
moved to the other side of the state. I filed a suit against the City for false arrest and Judge Louise
Flanagan threw the case out of court citing that a police officer had the right to stop, interrogate,
and arrest anyone suspected of having a single drink. There goes our Constitution.

I have watched with interest the plight of the perpetrators. So many have suffered.  So many are
paying for their dastardly deeds. One has gone from the State House to the jail house. Another is
fighting desperately to stay out of jail, while his son languishes in jail. Another has been reduced to
an invalid. Their children and grandchildren are suffering. There has to be some truth in Scripture
that refers to children "paying for the sins of their fathers." But then, of course, these people could
not possibly believe in God. I do! Only God can stop these maniacs.

Following my false arrest, my fortunes failed even further when the largest customer of my thirty-
year old successful business, a fortune 500 company, dropped our contract after ten years of loyal
service, owing us over $26,000 which they never paid. Seventeen wonderful employees were left
unemployed on Christmas Eve, 2002 and I went from living in a four bedroom house on the golf
course to barely surviving financially in two years.

We are loosing our democracy because American citizens are complacent, uninformed, and
apathetic. They should be irate that the very people perpetuating these atrocities are paid by their
tax dollars. They were hired to protect us from foreign terrorist and provide public safety for our
streets and our homes.

From A National News Report:

Washington, DC "There were the infamous Gestapo, Staci and Red Guard. They all sought and
maintained civilian armies of snitches to help their rogue governments maintain absolute power.
These government thugs gathered any information they could use against the victims they
selectively targeted.

Today we have the Department of Homeland Security that is quickly stepping into this role in the
United States. They are massively expanding their authority, reach, and budget to smash dissent,
and any resistance to government repression and violation of our Civil Rights.
If you have not noticed, our government has suspended the Fourth Amendment in the name of anti-
terrorism. If you haven’t noticed, it’s our own government that has become the terrorist.

Now Homeland Security is beginning a massive recruitment drive to get people to snitch on their
neighbors. When this happens they suggest they want information about crime or terrorism but this
always degenerates into what these criminal regimes really want.:  information about Americans
resisting the Police State."

George Santanya wrote,"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Date: 1961-04-27 00:00:00 Source: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Recorded by: White
House John F. Kennedy Speech, April 27, 1961 American Newspaper Publishers Association.
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York, NY.

" In a speech that should shock Americans. He warns the press and America to be on the lookout
for the exact circumstances that have manifest themselves under the Bush Administration and the
false flag of state sponsored terrorism. This speech should chill Americans to the bone. Kennedy
died trying to warn us. He wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve and the C.I.A. On November 22,
1963, hardly past his first thousand days in office, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed by multiple
assassin's bullets as his motorcade took an unscheduled turn in Dallas. Kennedy was the youngest
man elected President; and youngest to die.

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