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       My false arrest represents a fraction of what is endured by "Targeted Individuals." Who are these targeted?
      They are whistle blowers who reported government waste, corruption, police misconduct, child
      molestation, and other crimes committed against humanity; but you know, we thought that was an
      American right protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution. Targets are selected across  
      gender, religious, ethnic,  occupational, racial and sexual orientation boundaries. They have
      observed, however, that they share a commonality of intelligence, education,WERE financially
      secure, and  have the ability to think  for themselves. They are whistle blowers targeted by
      corporations; activists targeted by opposing groups; defendants targeted by plaintiffs; plaintiffs  
       targeted by defendants; children targeted by pedophiles; homosexuals targeted by religious groups;  
       political dissidents targeted by governments. More agents are currently being recruited to "protect"
       us from national terrorism when the reality is that members of the "Occupy Wall Street Movement" will join the
       the ranks of the "Targeted."Please take the time to view the websites of some of the targeted individuals.

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