Carol Etzler wrote a hymn entitled,"I Wish My Eyes Had Not Been Opened" to see all of the cruel things that we do to God's children." I
wish MY eyes had not been opened, then I would need to do something!  A beautiful , gracious and picturesque historic town meld the forces
of good and evil like the broken images of a kaleidescope . When my vision cleared, the world I knew was forever changed. I became a
whistle blower to HUD concerning the City's misuse of block grant monies. I also spoke out against police brutality and  a police chief
accused of sexually abusing children. My actions resulted in HUD threatening to make the City repay the  government  funds, and the  
police chief resigned and moved on to a university in Idaho. My actions drew the ire of some law enforcement and city  personnel;
consequently, my children and  I have been harassed for the last decade by local, state, and federal officers with frequent  stops, many,
many traffic tickets and citations, and a car  impounded on Christmas Eve.

Wilmington, North Carolina is the personification of gracious living, southern hospitality, gentility, and charm. It stands like a grandiose
sovereignty on the banks of the Cape Fear River. It is recognized as the"City of a Million Azaleas” and is the east coast home for Screen
Gems Studios and the fastest growing university in the South. Wilmington reigns as the economic and cultural heart of southeastern North
Carolina.I am proud to say that my roots in this splendid city were planted two hundred and fifty years ago. My mixed ancestry
encompasses all the cultural and racial complexities of the "Old South." My auburn hair, brown eyes, and fair skin pay homage to my
English great-great grandfathers and a Native American great-grandmother. My beautiful olive complexioned brothers remind us of our
many Turkish ancestors. My cultural heritage is recorded in a book about the race riots of 1898.  The following is a quote from the  book,
We Have Taken A City, by H. Leon Prather. "The whole Scott family was half Jewish." " The original Scott was a Jew."We are proud of all
of our ancestral heritage.

A young black girl from a modest broken home was an unlikely candidate for the second most powerful position in a southern and traditional
city that was the scene of a race riot only one hundred years earlier that destroyed the lives of many successful blacks. But doting
grandparents, a solid Roman Catholic upbringing, and a strong and loving mother provided the incubator for creating a determined,
independent,compassionate, and outspoken woman who refused to turn a blind eye to evil and injustice.  After earning a college education
and escaping two broken marriages, I returned to my roots with plans to help the folks in my hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina  
experience the American dreams of peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Like my ancestors before me, I came into my own in Wilmington. As a young businesswoman,I was intricately involved in my community;
serving on many boards and commissions that included state appointments, Chairman of the New Hanover County Human  Relations
Commission, Second Vice President of the Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trustees of the University of  North
Carolina Public Television, Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, the Duke University LEAD program, The
Parents' Council of Wake Forest University and the Board of Trustees of BB&T Bank. I entertained dignitaries and celebrities in my home,
including the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, State Senators,and Congressmen. I built a successful business that was nationally
recognized in USA Today and Good Housekeeping. I was also a guest on Good Morning America, The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, and the
Faith Daniels Show. And like a "Pop Princess" with a disastrous marriage, I graced the pages of Star Magazine. With my background as a
speech and theater teacher, I traveled the country speaking as an advocate for women's issues and small businesses. I was the keynote
speaker for the US Small Business Administration National Convention in Washington, DC. I also represented the SBA in its national public
service announcements. After years of volunteering in the community, I was asked to fill an unexpired term on the Wilmington City Council.
I was re-elected three times in at-large elections by the citizens of the City and elected Mayor Pro Tem five times by my fellow council
members spanning a decade. I was home!

But even in the "Garden of Eden," knowledge becomes a burden. The local police department was drowning in allegations of police brutality
that resulted in the department having six chiefs in eight years; and one of those chiefs  came with a history of allegations of pedophilia. I
was relentless in seeking the Chief's departure from the City. I was also unrelenting in pursuing an investigation of the obvious misuse of
federal block grant monies. My life soon paralleled a Hollywood movie:
Enemy of the State was a film released in 1998 starring the actor,
Will Smith. Billed as a thriller, it was the story of a young successful lawyer whose life was thrust into turmoil when he stumbled upon
information that could implicate some high-level government officials. The story could have been ripped from the pages of my life as I
stumbled into the political corruption in politics. I wandered blindly into a system beset with  the theft of federal block grant money,police
brutality, and child sexual abuse At sixty-two years old, I was falsely arrested, handcuffed with my hands behind my back, and tossed into
the back of a police car with the instructions to "Slide your fanny over." I blew .00 TWICE on my Breathalyzer and Officer Paul Nevitt still
insisted on the arrest.

My beautiful and historic city also become a haven for pedophiles. A friend revealed how several high profile attorneys in our community
traveled with young boys wherever they went.. A businesswoman was found guilty of fifty-five counts of sexual harassment and some of the
victims included children. Our former police chief , Bob Wadman, was the subject of a book entitled, "The Franklin  Cover-Up," written by
former Nebraska State Senator, John W DeCamp, which accused him of numerous crimes against children. I became  embroiled in the world
of pedophiles when a parent asked me to help her get a copy of a police report that she filed following the molestation of her  twelve-year-
old son by the Executive Director of an after school program funded by the City. A young deputy who attempted to help me was fired from
his job, and when he ran for public office, he was shunned and ostracized by his local Party. After two frustrating years I managed to get the
police department to file a written  report of the complaint. The City ceased funding the program. The school  system withdrew its support
and its students from the program; however, no one was ever prosecuted, and the perpetrator still works with  children in Wilmington .
However, I remained unyielding in my pursuit of justice for  victims of child sexual abuse.I sought help  from a young attorney in Wilmington
with ties to a powerful Senator in Washington. When I  told my best friend who I had visited, she was  horrified. "My God," she said,"he's
one of them."  However, the Chief resigned. The  director of the after-school program moved  on to  manage a four star restaurant, the
young attorney moved on to bigger and better  things in the  state of North Carolina, and I  moved on to financial ruin. The general public
finds it hard to accept the fact that many pedophiles,  aside from a very small band of unholy priests,come in three-piece suits and have
families. They are not always bums. They are rarely homosexuals. In fact, I have many gay friends who would never, ever harm a child.

I was not prepared for the events that followed my years of outspoken advocacy. Unfortunately, the community of unlawful public servants
is rich, powerful, and affluent. The power reaches from the local court house to the federal halls of justice, and God help anyone who gets in
their way.I would soon learn that these people would resort to any means necessary to remain anonymous, including, harassment,
intimidation, and character assassination. They destroyed anyone who dared to question their crimes. I dared. I paid dearly.  Retaliation was
swift, relentless, and cruel. I received a double dose of retaliation. Minority and women whistle blowers and politicians are targeted    
disproportionately by government operatives.  With the help of the New York Times owned local paper,Chuck Reiz, the editorial writer,
assassinated my character on a daily basis. People would often ask, "What does Chuck Reiz have against  you?" I asked the same question
as I had only met the man one time. Glad he retired early! Pedophiles, crooked cops, and corrupt politicians work in tandem and  enlist the
help of friends,neighbors, co-workers, and even family members to spread lies and gossip. I was blessed, however, that the  members of my
local Catholic community remained supportive and loyal even when I expressed my disdain for  the small band of lawless priests who were
destroying young lives and disgracing my holy and benevolent Church. My faith also saved me from the hatred that I harbored against those
who participated in trying to destroy my credibility.  Thank God, they didn't succeed. In fact,  I would not  want to trade places with several
of my known foes. One perpetrator lost his son to prison, another is in prison, another lost his high profile executive job, still another was
arrested and lost his career, a lawyer who betrayed me in court lost his family and his law license.

I sadly recall the night of my false arrest. On a November night in 2002, I was arrested leaving a restaurant. I was accompanied by Doug,
the PI officer, who habitually followed me home after I began receiving death threats...However, within ten minutes of my departure from
the restaurant, a patrol car sped in between my car and Doug's. As I turned into the dark and isolated road leading to my home, a police
cruiser confronted me. I immediately pulled to the side of the road assuming that there was a mistake, but the officer approached me and
ordered me to "get out of the car." "You are being arrested for drunk driving." Fear clutched my chest as I stood in the shivering cold.
"But, "Officer", I said, "That is impossible, I have had a single beer, and I will be happy to take a pre-arrest Breathalyzer." "No," he
replied, "No pre-arrest Breathalyzer, you're going to jail." I was stunned and afraid for my life as I recalled two recent harrowing police
stops that involved my daughter when she was home from college. The officer cuffed me with my hands behind my back, placed me in the
back of the patrol car with the orders, "Slide your fanny over." At the jail, I blew .00 TWICE  on the Breathalyzer and the officer still
arrested me.

Following my false arrest, I sought help from the Justice Department, the NAACP, my Senators, the ACLU and the FBI. I sent certified
letters to Mr. Mueller at the FBI and to Mr. Gonzales at the Justice Department at least three times each and never received a response. I
am sure that those letters were never delivered. A Florida senator finally responded to my letter and required the FBI to talk to me. Agent
John Rowan called me quite concerned about my situation, and we made an appointment to meet. When I arrived for my appointment, Agent
Rowan was not available, instead, I met with Agent Griffin who promised to help. I never heard another word. Agent Taylor in the
Wilmington office of the FBI sat across from me with a smirk on his face and announced that the "FBI is not going to investigate this case,"  
even though an FBI spokesman remarked, "the FBI thoroughly investigates all allegations of wrongdoing." Make no mistake, local law
enforcement doesn't have the manpower or the time to conduct the level of wiretapping and surveillance to which whistle blowers are
subjected. The most hostile treatment that my children and I have endured has been in two neighboring state capitols, which leads me to be
believe that state and federal law enforcement agencies have the time, the manpower, and the uncanny ability to recognize and recruit dim
wits, bigots, and the semi-illiterate to assist them in carrying out their sick surveillance, harassment, intimidation, and character
assassination. It is extremely painful when family members participate!

I filed a law suit against the City(the only law suit of my entire life) for my false arrest, and  Federal Judge Louise Flanagan transferred my
case to her district against my wishes, denied my request for a jury trial, and dismissed my case even though a police internal investigation
found that Officer Nevitt violated fourteen local police policies and was terminated.  The Court of Appeals in Richmond upheld the decision
of the lower court, and the US Supreme Court refused to hear the case. The US Department of Justice immediately found "Probable cause"
and accepted the case for investigation. Before they even began their investigation, they dropped the case.

I moved to Miami, Florida seeking respite from the hostility, harassment,and intimidation of  North Carolina law enforcement. I landed on
the shores of Miami only  to find that "the long arm of the law " knows no boundaries. I can count on police harassment wherever I go with
unnecessary stops, character assassination, and lies circulated among my friends and acquaintances. During my journey,I found paradise in
a gated community on the waterway  in Florida with a marina and a million-dollar view called "Mystic Pointe." "Paradise Lost" soon
described my new home. Shortly after arriving in Miami, five agents from Homeland Security breached three levels of security in the
Florida complex where my daughter and I resided and entered our apartment. When I demanded to know how they had gained access to the
building, I was told that they came onto the property via the marina in a Homeland Security boat. Your tax dollars are not being wisely spent!

Financial destruction was imminent. I lost my thirty-five year old successful business, and Attorney Andy McVey used altered documents to
hold me personally responsible for a corporate debt. After twelve years of outstanding service, a major company fired our company on
Christmas Eve leaving seventeen loyal employees unemployed. They also left owing us 26,000 that we never collected.

Sadly, my two children, both attorneys, have paid dearly for my candor with their careers. Students of NC State University, Wake  Forest  
University, Harvard University, New England School of Law, and St Thomas Law; they enjoyed rigorous careers and friendships  before I
became a whistle blower. My son suffered the most devastating blow from the perpetrators when he was admitted to  Duke University   
Hospital for a cornea transplant. As he lay on the gurney, waiting to be wheeled into the operating room, a Dr Schultz,  who my   son had  
never seen before that moment, stuck a needle into his eye and punctured his retina. My son left the hospital  almost blind in one eye.    
Both doctors involved in the operation moved on to other hospitals, and all attempts to get Duke to correct his vision have been denied  
even though a Dr. Herndon agreed that the facility would and should repair the injury. The claims' administrator, however, refuted    the
conversation indicating that Dr. Herndon did not have the authority to make any decisions.  Could this be the ongoing retaliation for my
politics? I assume that the injury was intentional since Duke refuses to correct the condition.  However,I am sending the reports of the
operation to hospitals where the doctors are now working and all hospital certification boards.

BUT, I AM NOT ALONE. Corrupt politicians, pedophiles, and crooked law enforcement  officers  use  other officers to arrest and harass  
informants everywhere who report wrongdoings of any kind. Lydia Cacho, a Mexican Journalist, who wrote about the pedophile crimes of a
wealthy business man now living in the US,  entitled
Demons of Eden, had so many death threats and attempts that she was forced to flee
her country. We should look carefully at the veterans who are on long waiting lists. Some are definitely on the "targeted individual" list.I
have received death threats and attempts. The most frightening experience occurred on I95 near Miami,Florida when a tractor-trailer
crossed a very wide median and headed directly for my car. It took several maneuvers by my  driver to avoid ahead-on collision. I failed to
get the license number , but I would recognize that   vehicle any where. The most recent  attempt  also occurred on I 95 near Richmond, VA
when a black vehicle attempted to run my car  off of the  highway. Fortunately, I was alert enough to copy a  very odd Virginia license plate:
DCPC(last digit  withheld) I have retained a list of suspicious tag numbers. Several perpetrators  were  arrested  for threats and received
short jail sentences . Former FBI Los Angeles bureau chief and  twenty-six veteran of  the FBI,   Ted Gunderon, found his life  forever
changed when he was assigned to investigate crimes against children. Watch him on YouTube:    Simply type in "Ted Gunderson."   John W.
DeCamp, former Nebraska  State  senator, wrote  the "Franklin Cover-Up"  which accuses our  former police chief, Bob Wadman, of  
crimes against children and  bank employees of  The Franklin Savings and Loan of  stealing millions of  dollars.  He continues to barely
survive as an  attorney. Since I became involved in the children's issues, I established   a hot line for  young people to report abuse.   My
book  is  not yet  complete, but I have ongoing op-eds that appear  in such   nationally known papers as the Huffington Post. My first book,"

Under Oath: Memoirs of an Honest Politician,"
is still  available  on Amazon. It pains me that pedophiles and dishonest people have more
friends than  GOD.

Relationships are destroyed as the agencies spread lies, gossip, and character assassination to family, friends, and co-workers. When all
else fails, they even tell people that we are security risks or are being investigated by the FBI. However, nothing can compare with the pain
of having family members turn against you, and  join in the character assassination.
   Diary Of A Whistle Blower
                   Fortunately, my judicial advocacy has brought me national attention and I have participated in several forums on Capitol Hill.
The Stewart Mott House on Capitol Hill                                                                        The National Press Club
" Evil Prevails When Good Men Do Nothing"
                     Edmund Burke

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